New Eden

Deep out side the reaches of human and covenant space is a star system with a asteroid orbiting the star, a asteroid the size of Texas. Hear in the lonely depths of space, this asteroid, terriformed using the same forerunner technology used to bring life to a installation, with protective shielding the same tec as used in the halo reach dropshield the covenant spire the halo 4 hardlight shield and the Kig-yar point defense gauntlet all at once, with the same climate as described in the Jurassic theory of earths history, is the capital of the empire of Lord of the Stars.

  • History: The asteroid was first colonized as a home base and for the queen to nest on as a gift from her mate, and has rarely had any visitors. Its unknown weather or not the unsc even knows it exists. But its history is only a handful of years.
  • Inhabitance: With out the existence of canon plants on Eayn in the halo universe the Kig-yar had to result to getting plants from earth, sangheilos, and several other human colonized planets. The wild life includes dungbeatles, moa, thorn beasts, fish, edible frogs, high charity birds, earth cows, earth goats, dosic wild boar, white squirls, earth gardener snakes, earth iguana, earth buffalo, earth oxen, earth deer, earth elk, earth moose, earth ducks, fresh water crabs, and fresh water lobster. It has 7 cities, and all 3 Kig-yar ethnic groups. Boats are for the most part used instead of cars on river canals carved by covenant glassing beams. All plants are either edible medicinal or good for crafting with.
  • Power: A plasma power plant core in the center of the asteroid.

Defense: Kig-yar navy and 78 orbital defense satellites.

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